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Meet The Team

Our dedicated team is the key to the success of Quality Underdecking.  More words and more words and more words and more words and more words and more words and more words and more words and more words and more words 

Lee Jaimes
Owner and Principal
Cenovio Jaimes
Lead Brother

Lee Jaimes is an awesome and amazing guy who likes to run away from spiders while installing stuff.  He has a lot of knowledge about a lot of stuff though.  Let hi talk you into buying lots and lots of stuff.

Jay Berends
Lead Installer

Jay is a cool cat who sings and dances and this makes him the perfect guy to install your underdecking.  He's pretty good, climbs ladders, kills spiders, and works hard in the heat.  Jay and Lee like to work together a bunch.

Cenovio Jaimes is the most handsome of the Jaimes brothers.  he is kinda moody and mean, but has a heart of gold.  He has learned his underdecking ways from his brother Lee, so you know he is good. 

Dave Couturier

Dave likes to party all day with his boys.  He loves his wife Shellie a bunch and he comes along on installs sometimes.  He's a good guy and does an ok job most of the time.

Diane Jaimes
Marketing and Communications Director

Diane is the sunshine of our team!  She is the creative genius behind all things QU and continues to wow us with her dedication to the brand equity.  We re very lucky to have her on the team!

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